2014-2015 Allstar placements

If your athlete has an * beside their name please contact a coach tomorrow Sunday July 20th,2014between the times 2-6pm.

The competition schedule with payment plan and fall practice schedule will be distributed shortly.

MINIS LEVEL 1 – Fierce Kittyz

Madison Hammonds
Karson Osborne
Amelia White
Kylee Leonard
Danica DeBord
Kinley Hogston
Alexa Justus
Lily Jeter
Nora Elam
Chloe Sutherland
Ellie Bennett
Piper Quillen

YOUTH LEVEL 2 – Cougars

Ellie Bennett
Emma Davis
Karliegh Peltier*
Jane Ann Gray
Maddie Jennings
Britney Estep
Hailea Brown
Emily Winegar
Ashton Domby*
Amethyst Moore
Annabelle Swift*
Ashley Kistner*
Emily Long
Emma Hatcher*
Isabella Hughes*
Kyliegh Hite*
Brianna Nelson*
Madison Hammonds*
Karson Osborne*

Alternate: Chloe Sutherland

JUNIOR LEVEL 3 – White Tigers

Macee Page
Patience Smith
Caitlyn Heglar
Aloni Shaffer
Bree Kindle
Emily Winegar
Kamryn Fox
Bailey Needham*
Olivia Sanders
Hailea Brown
Mckaylen Elizabeth Cassady*
Autumn Nidiffer
Aly Cassady
Chesni Wolfenbarger*
Calista Meade
Amber Hunt
Danielle Burke*
Britney Estep*

Emma Davis
Maddie Jennings

SENIOR LEVEL 2 – Jaguars

Cassidy Bolton
Molly McDaniel
Kennedy Peltier
Marissa Mitchell
Gray Hatcher
Anya Winegar
Chesnie Metcalf
Megan Faust*
Bradie Quillen*
Michaela Sutherland*
Madison Simcox
Kira Williams
Kaylee Cheek
Jillian Cox
Nikki Brown*
Ginnie Berry
Beca Deel*
Trey Repass*
Emily Mingle*


Dimitri Morales
Joey Keizer
Ian Allen*
Cade Allen
Amber Hunt
Jasmine Schmidt
Abigail White
Madison Brewer
Kelli Greer*
Kennedy Hobbs
Holly Tham*
Haley Tham
Jordan Frese
Carri Flanagan*
Campbell Miller*
Suzannah Le*
Sarah Vogt*
Macey Allen*
Alexa Hale*
Sophia Montgomery*

Kamryn Fox
Caitlyn Heglar
Calsita Meade
Macee Page

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The Trampoline and Tumbling program at East Tennessee Cheer and Gymnastics focuses on the individual athlete. Whether the athlete is taking classes to improve existing skills or learn new skills, or compete in a nationally recognized sport with thousands of athletes we aim to cater towards everyone’s needs. We work with  athletes ranging from the beginner level all the way through the elite level. For our beginner athletes we start with jumps, rolls, flexibility and body awareness. As athletes grow within the sport we move on to walkovers, handsprings, and tucks and up. We focus on correct technique and positioning. Our competitive team consists of athletes ranging from the beginner to elite levels and with a wide age range. We compete at the United States Trampoline and Tumbling Association Nationals, Tennessee State Competition and invitationals throughout the year. Whether you child is looking for a competitive sport, a way to stay in shape or a way to learn new skills in positive learning environment we would love to work with your child at East Tennessee Cheer and Gymnastics’ Trampoline and Tumbling program. Please contact the office for class days and times.

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